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About the author

David K. Brown is a writer with great insight into human reasoning, passions and motivation. David also has a keen mind for business, science, technology and medicine. That makes him a story teller extraordinaire. David artfully uses his unique combination of skills to create stories that are thoroughly entertaining while profoundly thought-provoking and memorable.

David is the quintessential Renaissance man. His unique combination of academic, professional and life experiences has created a very special prism through which he sees the world and people. David holds degrees in Quantitative Economics, Business and Religion. To go with that he has held CPA licenses in multiple states despite not holding an Accounting degree. He was also ordained by a major religious organization where he pastored for several years. 

David has authored five books, four exciting novels and one powerful non-fiction instruction into the male mind. The novels are Linchpin - When the Future is What You Make It (expected to be published in Feb 2017, Lulu), David Sanders Mind Sharing (Lulu, second ed 2016), Last Defenders - Rise of the Lady Warriors (Lulu, 2016), and Brain-Storm - When the Mind is the Ultimate Weapon (Lulu, 2016). Each story and setting is dramatically different and as fresh as his constant plot twists. The non-fiction book is Raising Men From Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails (Lulu, 2011).

Personal Mission Statement
My Purpose in life is to tell stories that help leave the world a better place. My contribution is to encourage and empower people to make choices that enable them to create the possibility of living a better life than the circumstances of a disadvantaged birth or subsequent setbacks in life might otherwise dictate. And I will do so with purpose, grace and ease being mindful to embrace fun and enjoyment along my journey.
The Values that are at the heart of who I am are respect for human life, respect for the right of human choice, empathy that connects me to those in pain, the ability to see through the eyes of others, a deep honor and respect for human diversity, a deep commitment to the value of teaching through stories and the importance of education and original, enlightened thought.

What I can be counted on for is to be myself. That means that all of my writings will reflect my values and create an environment of abundance for myself and my family. While doing so I will treat people with respect even if I do not understand or agree with their ways, I will exercise my ability to look past superfluous differences in individuals, I will not shy away from a willingness to stand in difficult choices, I will hold firm to my commitment to finish what I begin, I will utilize my God-given ability to teach lessons through stories, I will lay foundations that facilitate open inquiry through thought-provoking human dramas and resist the temptation to prejudge situations but remain present with an open mind to recognize what is going on in the moment. I will remain on course and not be misdirected by the accumulated voices of those who lack hope, drive, understanding or care for the hurting. This is my life.
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