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Linchpin - When the Future is What You Make It
Linchpin - When the Future is What You Make It
Linchpin - When the Future Is What You Make It is the story of Marvin Peters. Marvin became extraordinary after a life-changing encounter with a mysterious alien gave him the power to change the future. But was Marvin fixing the future or just part of a diabolical plan to manipulate humanity?

All the while Marvin Peters paid a high price for this power. But would there ever come a personal price that was more than he was willing to pay? And did the heavy obligation that came with this power doom him to live his life in the lonely shadows of secrecy? And, oh yes, powerful forces were converging upon him to take away the device. What comes next is never what you think in Linchpin - When the Future Is What You Make It.
Linchpin by David K. Brown is an interesting take on sci-fi. Marvin, or Coffee to his friends, is living the "good life" with a steady job, gorgeous girlfriend, and great flat mates Jay and Tony. One day, Marvin has a strange "episode" which leaves him unconscious for a while. When he awakens, he is fearful and disoriented, as his friends stare at him strangely and wonder if he took something "weird." Marvin has had a vision of an alien device and where it is hidden. He now needs to find the exact place he was shown to retrieve it. He becomes totally obsessed with finding the device and, once he has it, his obsession extends to understanding the text-like characters, causing him to isolate himself to do so in secret. His whole life begins to change as he loses his friends and his girlfriend to his obsession.

Linchpin by David K. Brown is an immensely enjoyable story. The theme of aliens is taken on a completely new journey from the standard genre of first contact with alien beings. It is compelling and has an immensely interesting twist on alien/human interaction and how they may attempt contact in different ways. The underlying motive as to who and why the aliens have made contact with Marvin, and what they hope to achieve, remains a question throughout Linchpin. The characters are well developed and it feels as if you are going through this experience with Marvin, feeling it from his perspective. David K. Brown takes you on an interesting and strange journey, which begs a sequel. I hope this follows soon!
Carol Coetzee for Readers’ Favorite
Last Defenders - Rise of the Lady Warriors
Last Defenders - Rise of the Lady Warriors
It’s the year 2041. Six women represent America’s best hope for survival. Organized into three two-person crews, they man three prototype assault tanks built for the U.S. Military. These prototypes, in field test, survived a cascade of political events that led to complete destruction of the Earth.

These six women represent the last vestige of order and civilization in a world that no longer has either. However, they are not the only surviving power. Nor are they the only ones fighting for control. Instead they have become the last defenders of all who survive in a world where there is no one else left to turn.

Yes, they are the Last Defenders. Never has so much depended on so few.


Last Defenders (Rise of the Lady Warriors) by David K. Brown is a fictional novel in the fantasy and science fiction genre that will appeal most to an audience made up of mainly adult women as well as young adult females; men may also enjoy Last Defenders, but it is geared more towards a female audience. Last Defenders takes place in world that has lost much of its civilization and is stuck in power struggles. It has six strong female characters who are responsible for America’s survival.

Last Defenders by David K. Brown is a very well written book; each scene was described in the perfect amount of detail and the characters, especially the six women, were really fleshed out so that they each had their own personalities and characteristics that made them who they were. I really liked how David K. Brown put a group of women in a position of true responsibility, instead of following the stereotype of having a group of men with maybe one woman. These women are strong characters who just might have what it takes to save America. David K. Brown truly seems to have a unique way of seeing the world; this view has allowed him to create an amazing world environment in Last Defenders (Rise of the Lady Warriors). I hope that David K. Brown continues to write more works of fiction of this caliber. (By Sefina Hawke for Readers’ Favorite, 5 Stars)
BRAIN-STORM (When the Mind Becomes the Ultimate Weapon)
BRAIN-STORM (When the Mind Becomes the Ultimate Weapon)
Daniel Jefferies was always happy even though he led a challenging life. It was not so much that Danny was bothered by his troubles, rather life was hard on those who loved and cared about him.
At a very young age it became clear that Danny was a special person. Whether that was special in a good way or special in a bad way was in the eye of the beholder. Danny was neither a square or round peg so he never fit into the spaces laid for him.
The only thing for sure was that Daniel Jefferies had an unmistakable effect on everyone around him. And since he was a happy person then it followed that he would make those around him feel better.
But all that changed one day when researchers believed that they could harness his gift. In doing so they unwittingly unleashed Daniel Jefferies to become something that was not meant to be unleashed
Brain-Storm: When the Mind Becomes the Ultimate Weapon by David K. Brown is a compelling story about a scientific experiment gone awry and what it implies. The idea of the study of Daniel Jefferies is a brilliant one and readers will find it very interesting. Daniel is an exceedingly happy person, even in the midst of the worst of life's vicissitudes, but what is most interesting is the way he affects people who come into contact with him. It is no secret that there is something peculiar about him, a gift, a power, but what if that power can be tapped and used for the benefit of everyone? Brain-Storm tells the story of what happens when scientists decide to carry out the study on Daniel Jefferies.

Masterfully written, David K. Brown's Brain-Storm: When the Mind Becomes the Ultimate Weapon underscores powerful points about human nature. In trying to harness Daniel's skill, scientists unleash the demon in him, a reaction that comes across as a strong warning that there is a mysterious part of the human being, the sacred part of him that should not be tampered with. The characters are well created and will remind readers of some of the greedy people they must have come across in life. The conflict starts at the very beginning of the story and only gets more complicated as the story progresses. I enjoyed the dialogue and the tension the entire story makes the reader feel. David K. Brown is a gifted storyteller. This is a very entertaining read for lovers of sci-fi.
(Reviewed By Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite, 5 Stars)
Raising Men from Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails (Non Fiction)
Raising Men from Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails (Non Fiction)
“[All] involved in helping boys and young men can take a strong lesson from this short and easily read book.” Jeffrey Brooke-Stewart for Readers’ Favorite, 5 Stars


Raising Men from Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails is a must read for all parents, particularly single mothers with sons. In Raising Men, David Brown provides a practical glimpse into the male mind-set while at the same time offering useful guidance that is sure to be of benefit to all. The author skillfully mixes personal experiences to vividly illustrate biblical principles.
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