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Science Fiction Genre

Basis for the book Brainstorm

Science Fiction must be believable. We must therefore begin with a kernel of truth to tell our story. In Brainstorm I chose neuroplasticity (process by which mature brain changes), the sinoatrial node (the heart's human pacemaker) and some characteristics of an actual but obscure genetic syndrome. To that I added interesting characters and let the conflict spin.

Non Fiction vs. Science Fiction

Science Fiction allows you to tell what you think without having to say what to do about it. I can either tell what I think ought to be done or just say here is a problem and just leave it at that. Of course Science Fiction lets me craft a reality that sets up the worst outcome.

Why Science Fiction

I like Science Fiction as a writing genre because it gives me the greatest freedom to craft storylines as long as the world I craft is authentically believable. Rather than worry about the four laws of thermodynamics I get to tell stories against the most impactful background possible.  
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